What are the Awards?

A good development program like qualification shooting helps the participant learn shooting skills and then introduces the shooter to other steps of development. Recognition for achieving those skills is important. Setting a goal and reaching the next level helps to develop shooters and also helps to keep them focused. Besides, who doesn't like a little recognition when achieving those goals?

In order to simplify the process of ordering Qualification Awards, the NRA has created packets containing the skill level items for each qualification program. These packets include the specific skill level patch rocker, certificate and medal for Pro-Marksman, Marksman, Marksman First Class, Sharpshooter, Expert and Distinguished Expert. The Skill Rating Packets are used for all courses of fire. Not included in the packet are the pins and discipline patches which are ordered separately depending on the course of fire in which you are participating. If you prefer not to order the entire packet, you may also order the items contained in the Skill Rating Packets individually.