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NRA-ILA State and Federal Gun Laws

A list of state and federal gun laws.
  5 Shot Leather Finely crafted custom handgun leather.

5.11 Tactical Series

5.11's best-selling tactical clothing, outerwear, footwear and accessories.
  A. Uberti S.p.A. High-quality, late-19th century replica revolvers, black powder revolvers, rifles, and miniatures.
  Accu-Fire, Inc. Clean your firearms faster, easier and without risk to dangerous chemicals and odors with MUZZLEMATE tools.
  Accuracy International A manufacturer of high-accuracy tactical rifles for military, law enforcement and civilians.
  Accurate Feature articles, gear reviews, and daily bulletin blog items come from a variety of shooters/writers.
  AccuSharp Knife Sharpeners An industrial grade sharpener still proudly made in the USA.
  ACR Electronics, Inc. Personal locator beacons, strobes, signaling, and direction finder.
  Act-Mag SRL Developer and manufacturer of worlds highest quality magazines.
  Action Target Indoor and outdoor shooting range equipment including automated target systems, bullet traps, safety baffles, shoot houses, steel targets, turning targets, moving targets, shooting stalls, target retrievers, and indoor range ventilation.
  ADCO Arms Co., Inc. Firearms and optics specialist and home of the super thumb magazine loaders.
  ADS, Inc. ADS provides industry-leading equipment and logistics support solutions to DOD and federal agencies in support of homeland security as well as security, government and protective services organizations.
  Advanced Armament Corporation Firearm silencers of proven design and quality.
  Advanced Technology International The leading manufacturer of injection-molded gunstocks and accessories for various rifles and shotguns.
  Advanced Training Systems Shooting ranges and target equipment.
  Advantage Tactical Sight The Advantage Tactical Sight is the fastest and most precise iron sighted system in the world.
  Adventure Medical Kits Your one stop for the very best in health, safety, survival and skin care products.
  AE Light AE Light manufactures HID and LED lighting products; including HID Personal Searchlights, LED tactical flashlights, and HID dive lights.
  AES Optics AES Optics offers Mossy Oak and Real Tree sunglasses with a 1.1mm polarized shatter resistant lenses.
  Aetco, Inc. Manufacturer of police and public safety equipment.
  Aftermath Miami Stunt Studios Aftermath Miami is the leading American brand in airsoft guns for adults.
  Aguila Ammunition Rimfire, centerfire and shotshells.

Aimpoint, Inc.

Aimpoint is the originator and leader in the design and manufacture of electro-optical red dot sights.
  Aimtech Mount Systems Scope mounting systems for handguns, shotguns, and rifles.
  Air Arms One of the leading manufacturer of Pneumatic (P.C.P) and Spring Rifles, which have won many gold medals for their performance and quality.
  AirForce Airguns U.S. maker of precision air guns.
  Ajax Custom Grips, Inc. A manufacturer of fine American made grips.
  AKDAL / Ucyildiz Arms Ind. Ucyildiz Arms manufactures Akdal Ghost models firing 9x19 mm parabellum.
  Aker International, Inc. Leather products: holsters, belts, leather goods, and shooting accessories.

ALCO Target Company

ALCO Target Company is the premier source for all of your target and accessory needs.
  Al Mar Knives Designed and manufactured the finest quality in production folding and fixed blade knives.
  Alessi Holsters Alessi Holsters was founded in 1974, with the original concept of producing one concealment holster at a time that would be designed and crafted to the customer's specifications.
  Alexander Arms The most capable long range AR ever built.
  Allen Company Gun cases, backpacks, and fanny packs for hunters; camo tape, blind making fabrics, decoy bags, waterfowl accessory bags, waders, bow cases, archery accessories, gun sights; ATV accessories, eye and hearing protection, black powder accessories.
  Alliant Powder Manufacturers of high-quality, smokeless powder for original equipment ammunition manufacturers and nationally branded canister powder for reloading.
  Alot Enterprise Company, Ltd. Binocular telescopes, spotting scopes, protective eyeglasses, riflescopes, compasses, and magnifiers.
  Alpen Optics Binoculars, spotting scopes, riflescopes, and accessories.
  AlumaGrips Ultra high quality handgun grips designed to fit the Colt 1911 and most Colt clones.
  Amateur Trapshooting Association The Amateur Trapshooting Association serves as the governing body for the sport of American style trapshooting.
  Amega Ranges, Inc. The BEST solution for employing a tactical flashlight on a Mini-14, and provides you with the MOST sighting system options available.
  American Custom Gunmakers Guild The American Custom Gunmakers Guild (ACGG) is an association dedicated to the advancement of the art of custom gunmaking.
  American Furniture Classics RTA and Assembled Metal gun cabinets and safes, solid wood and wood veneer gun cabinets, fishing rod racks and cabinets.
  American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) We offer professional gunsmithing programs, testing and certification.
  American Knife & Tool Institute AKTI is a non-profit trade organization to promote knife rights, educate legislators, inform the public and represent the knife-making and knife-using community.
  American Pioneer Powder, Inc. Manufacturer of American Pioneer Powder and Jim Shockeys GOLD products that are sulfurless black powder replacement products and can be cleaned up with water only.

American Security Products Company

One of the worlds best known manufactures of high security safes and gun safes.
  American Single Shot Rifle Association The American Single Shot Rifle Association (ASSRA) was founded in 1948 as an organization that promotes the responsible use, study and preservation of single-shot rifles. A 501c3 non-profit organization voluntarily run by full time law enforcement officers who are swat snipers, seeking funds and equipment to assist their military brethren in getting mission essential equipment to aid them in the war on terror.
  American Society of Arms Collectors The American Society of Arms Collectors was founded in 1953 as a permanent national organization for persons interested in the collection, research, study, and preservation of arms, armor, and accessories and accoutrements.
  American Technologies Network, Corp. ATN is a manufacturer of precision optics.
  Americase, Inc. Airline-quality carrying cases for guns, ammo, archery and other equipment.
  AmeriGlo US manufacturer of tritium self-luminous sights and target sights for pistols, rifles and shotguns.
  ANSCHUTZ, J.G. ANSCHUTZ has manufactured Olympic quality target and sporting rifles for over 150 years and has won more international shooting medals than any other manufacturer.
  Antonio Zoli N.A. Hunting shotguns o/u, s/s, trap, skeet, big game, bolt actions rifles, rifles-shotguns combination, sporting rifles, o/u double rifle.
  ANXO-Urban Body Armor Corp. VIP bullet proof clothing. High fashion men's and women's bullet proof clothing.
  Apex Tactical Specialties Apex Tactical Specialties, Inc. was created to serve Law Enforcement personnel, competition shooters, and individuals who recognize the need for defensive tools to be more than "just adequate" for the job.
  AR15 Builder Welcome to the AR-15 Builder, exclusively from Brownells! Here you can create the ultimate AR-15 from scratch or accessorize one you already own by trying out the latest gun parts on a replica of your rifle.
  AR57 The AR57 PDW Upper is the most revolutionary new design on an AR15/M16 platform. Blending the near perfect ergonomics of the ubiquitous AR15/M16 lower with a light weight, fast handling monolithic upper receiver system chambered in the 21st century's exciting new caliber / 5.7X28mm.
  Ares Defense Systems, Inc. Manufacturer of the patented Shrike 5.56 Advanced Weapons System.
  ArmaLite, Inc. ArmaLite, Inc. is the innovative force behind the creation of modern AR rifle technology.
  Armament Technology, Inc. Specializing in professional-grade sighting systems and related equipment.
  Armatix GmbH Specializes in developing and marketing digital locking systems for firearms.
  Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network, LLC Educating members about the legalities of using deadly force for self-defense and how to interact with the criminal justice system after a shooting.
  Armor 4 Troops Foundation To provide new and replacement state-of-the-art protective eyewear, under-armour, multi-function tools, compressed rubber boot pads, knee and elbow protective pads, personal gear, and other critical equipment and services directly to US troops fighting overseas.
  Arms Corporation of the Philippines Manufacturer of Model 1911 pistols and parts, 12 gauge pump action shotguns, rifles, revolvers, airguns, rimfire, centerfire and rifle ammunition and components.
  A.R.M.S., Inc. The utmost in accuracy mounting for day optics, night vision, thermal and lasers.
  Arms Tech, Ltd. Arms Tech Ltd. is a special weapons and accessories design and manufacturing company licensed as a class 2 manufacturer.
  Arrieta Hand made shotguns.
  Arrington Accuracy Works Custom M-14 and AR-15 National Match rifles.
  Arsenal, Inc. Arsenal is the exclusive US manufacturer of sporting rifles based on the most reliable semiauto action.
  Artistic Plating Company Offering years of experience in the shooting industry, specializing in copper plating on sintered, frangible and lead bullets to include ultra-heavy build copper.
  ASAT Outdoors, LLC Archery, Blinds, Camouflage, Hunting Accessories
  ASP, Inc. Expandable batons, tactical restraints, OC products, tactical lights and training equipment.
  Atlanco Tru-Spec apparel including law enforcement, military, security and hunters clothing.
  Atlanta Cutlery Corp. Unique specialty knives and cutting tools. Historically accurate, battle ready arms and armor., Inc. Official online auction site for the NRA! auctions firearms and related items on the Internet.
  AWC Systems Technology AWC provides suppressed weapons systems to the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Marine Corps as well as Law Enforcement agencies, the Dept. of Energy, Federal and State correctional facilities, the R.C.M.P. and Elite Special Forces units worldwide.
  AYA - Aguirre y Aranzabal Hand made shotguns.
  Babes with Bullets Babes with Bullets offers a series of ladies action shooting camps across the US.
  Badger Barrels, Inc. Makers of the world's finest cut-rifled, hand-lapped, target-grade barrels for the AR15, M-14, 12 gauge, black powder, high power competition, match grade 50 caliber, and classic sporting rifles - both in octagon and rounds.
  Badger Ordnance Manufacturer of military grade rifle actions, optics mounting systems, scope rings, scope rails, detachable trigger guard systems, tools and accessories.
  BAE Systems BAE Systems is committed to the future of our warfighters.
  Bandera / Cal-Bind Leather shooting accessories, trap shooting accessories, nylon rifle slings.
  Barnes Bullets, Inc. Featuring the line of all-copper reloading components.

Barrett Firearms Mfg., Inc.

Known for the design and manufacture of the most trusted .50 caliber rifles in the world.
  Bart's Custom Bullets To produce simply the best, straightest, most uniform bullets available to the competitive Benchrest shooter, in sizes and profiles that WIN!!!
  Battenfeld Technologies, Inc. We design, manufacture, and distribute high-value products for shooters, gunsmiths and reloaders.
  Battle Lake Outdoors Manufacturer of high-quality and functional hunting and camping packs, sport bags, duffels, travel gear, and more.
  BCB International, Ltd. BCB International is a long established designer & manufacturer of quality survival & protective equipment.
  Beamshot-Quarton USA, Inc. Beamshot has been an innovative leader in the manufacture and sale of precision laser sighting systems, Beamshot red and green lasers are known worldwide.
  Bear & Son Cutlery, Inc. High quality U.S.A. manufactured cutlery.
  Beartooth bullets Premium hand-cast bullets.
  Beeman Precision Airguns Beeman has been recognized as having the finest precision airgun products in the industry.
  Bell and Carlson, Inc. Hand-laminated fiberglass, carbon fiber and aramid fiber rifle and shotgun stocks and accessories.
  B.E. Meyers Long-range day and night surveillance, tactical air, ground multi spectral laser products and non-lethal "GLARE" lasers.
  Benchmade Knife Company, Inc. World-class manufacturer of superior sporting, hunting, LE, and specialty cutlery.

Benelli USA

Benelli semi-automatic sporting shotguns, semi-automatic rifles and related accessories.

Beretta USA Corp.

Supplies the standard sidearm to the U.S. Armed Forces.
  Bergara Barrels Bergara Barrels is a state of the art Spanish barrel manufacturing facility.
  Berger Bullets Berger Bullets is the premier choice for rifle bullets.
  Berry's Manufacturing, Inc. Home of Double-Struck, preferred copper-plated bullets and plastic molded shooting accessories including tumblers, sifters, ammo boxes and more.
  The Beta Company The Beta Company is the sole source manufacturer of the C-MAG high capacity magazine line of products.
  BFAST, LLC BFAST, LLC offers the firearm safety net, the ultimate brass catching solution.
  Bib Bullet Company Precision Bullets hand swaged for serious competitors.
  Big Sky Racks, Inc. Vehicular gun mounts.
  Bill Wiseman & Co., Inc. Manufacturer of Wiseman precision ballistic test barrels, custom and production gun barrels and Texas Safari rifles.
  Birchwood Casey Firearm maintenance and refinishing, targets and shooting accessories.
  BKL Technologies, Inc. BKL Technologies, Inc. is a US manufacturer specializing in premium airgun and rimfire scope mounts.
  Black Hills Ammunition Quality new and remanufactured rifle and pistol ammunition.
  BlackHawk Products Group A leading manufacturer of tactical, military and law enforcement equipment.
  Blackheart International, LLC Blackheart International is a One-Stop Shopping location for tactical gear and equipment.
  Blackwater US Training Center is famous for our ability to deliver hard hitting, effective training experiences for military, security and law enforcement professionals.
  Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH Blaser provides a wide range of hunting rifles including single-shot rifles, side-by-side models, over and under combination guns, drillings and bolt action rifles as well as over and under shotguns.
  Blue Book Publications, Inc. The Blue Book of Gun Values.
  Blue Force Gear, Inc. Blue Force Gear, Inc. manufactures superior tactical weapon slings for police and military small arms.
  Blue Grass Cutlery Manufacturer of high end traditional pocket knives.
  Blue Star Cartridge and brass.
  Blue Stone Safety Products Co., Inc. Blue Stone Safety products introduces the wolverine holster line.
  Bluegrass Armory Manufacturer of viper .50 caliber rifle.
  Bob Allen Sportswear Gun cases as well as a full line of quality shooting and upland hunting apparel, bags, pouches, gloves and accessories.
  BOGgear, LLC BOGgear, LLC The makers of the finest shooting stick system available today.
  Boker USA, Inc. Manufacturing quality knives from durable folders and fixed blades to knives using Damascus and premium steels.
  Boston Leather, Inc. Boston Leather has manufactured fine leather accessories for the uniformed professional since 1938.

Boyds' Gunstock Industries, Inc.

Worlds foremost manufacturer of walnut and birch laminate replacement gunstocks.
  Boyt Harness Company Exhibiting top of the line gun cases, travel bags and shooting accessories.
  Brass Magnet The BRASS MAGNET is a 100x144 inch nylon mesh brass collection net, lightweight only 6 pounds and comes with its very own, easy to store and carry bag.


Break-Free is a synthetic-based cleaner, lubricant and preservative compound for military weapon maintenance, law enforcement, civilian firearms, high performance sports equipment and industrial machinery.
  Brenneke of America, L.P. Original BRENNEKE shotgun slug and centerfire rifle ammunition.
  Brenzovich Firearms & Training Center BFTC provides high end products and training for competition shooting sports.
  Brite-Strike Technologies, Inc. Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products.


Brownells is the world's largest supplier of firearm accessories and gunsmithing tools.


Since 1878, Browning has been a leader in offering innovative, quality firearms.
  BSA Guns (UK) Ltd. British-built spring and precharged air rifles and air pistol; airgun ammunition accessories.
  BSA Optics BSA manufactures rifle scopes for hunting and target/varmint shooting.
  B.S.N. Technology Srl Loading cartridges machine for hunting cartridges and centre fire ammunition, assembly machine for shot shell and ballistic equipment.
  Buck Knives, Inc. Manufacturing of high-quality sports cutlery, with a full range of fixed and folding lockblade knives for hunting/fishing, tactical, outdoor and everyday uses.
  Buffer Technologies Recoil buffers for rifles and pistols.
  Bul, Ltd. Manufacturers of the BUL Cherokee and M-5 hi-cap polymer single and double action pistols and accessories.
  Bulldog Barrels, LLC Bulldog Barrels is the leading OEM barrel blank and finished barrel manufacturer offering cut, button, and hammer forged rifling to customer specifications and drawings.
  Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Providing regulatory assistance and forms to the firearms industry, Federal Government Agency.
  Burris Company, Inc. Binoculars, scopes, sights and accessories and targets.
  Bushido Tactical, LLC Bushido Tactical offers professional training to responsible citizens, military and law enforcement personnel.
  Bushmaster Firearms International, LLC Bushmaster, the largest U.S. commercial manufacturer of the AR15/M16 type rifle.
  Bushnell Outdoor Products Binoculars, scopes, rangefinders, GPS and accessories.
  Butler Creek Corp. The full line includes gun slings, scope covers, LULA loaders, magazines, and replacement barrels and stocks.
  Button Sling, Inc. Button Sling Inc., manufactures a single point shooting sling for Law Enforcement, Military Special Ops and Swat Teams.
  C Products, LLC C Products, LLC is the finest manufacturer of magazines for the AR platform rifle.


CAA USA is a designer, developer and distributor of modern tactical accessories, optics and handgun conversion kits targeting the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement and firearm enthusiasts across the globe.
  Caesar Guerini USA Manufacturers of a diverse line of finely crafted Italian shotguns designed for the unique needs of American sportsmen.
  Camdex, Inc. Automatic ammunition loading/reloading equipment.
  Camelbak Products As the originator of hands-free hydration, we deliver the most advanced systems for the toughest missions.
  Cammenga Corporation Cammenga Corporation is the exclusive manufacturer of the lensactic tritium compass supplied to the U.S. Military.
  Canal Street Cutlery Co. US manufacturer of high quality handmade pocket and sports cutlery; including traditional folding, locking and sheath knives.
  Cannon Safe, Inc. High volume safe manufacturer.
  Carl Zeiss Sports Optics Carl Zeiss Sports Optics is one of the world's premier manufacturers of high-performance riflescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes and opto-electronic products.
  Carlson's Choke Tubes Manufacturing replacement chokes for Beretta, Benelli, Remington, Winchester, Browning Invector and Invector+,Tru chokes, Fran chokes, American Arms, Ruger, and many more.
  Carson Optical Carson offers binoculars/optics with unsurpassed quality and performance for the serious outdoorsman.
  CAS Hanwei CAS Hanwei is the leading global supplier of fine bladeware, armour, and historical reproductions.
  Case Cutlery The company offers a wide variety of knives that fit virtually any need, from pocket knives and fixed blades to collectibles and accessories.
  Caspian Arms, Ltd. Machining close tolerance components of 1911-Type pistols for OEM manufacturers, pistolsmiths and custom builders.
  CCF Race Frames, LLC CCF RaceFrames LLC, offering alloy replacement frames for the Glock pistols in aluminum, stainless steel and titanium alloys.
  CCI Ammunition CCI is the world leader in rimfire products and also produces shotshells and industrial powderloads.
  Celestron A major optics manufacturer with a full product line for sport, recreational, and professional activities, including computerized and non-computerized telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, and microscopes.
  Center Mass, Inc. Center Mass, Inc. is the manufacture of the combat proven mini and tactical sharpshooter rifle rests and packages, which are utilized by US and Allied forces around the world.
  Century International Arms, Inc. Importer of sporting and collectible rifles, shotguns, handguns, ammunition, firearms parts, and accessories.
  Champion Traps and Targets Champion has the most complete line of clay target throwers, clay targets, metal, paper and chalk target systems.
  Charter Arms Affordable American made quality revolvers.

CheyTac Associates, LLC

The leader in extreme long range shooting.
  Chiappa Firearms Replica black powder & cartridge firearms.
  Chip McCormick Custom, LLC Manufacturer of Chip McCormick Corp./Shooting Star Ind. extra-capacity 1911 magazines, AR-15 match and tactical trigger groups.
  Choate Machine & Tool We manufacture polymer stocks, folding stocks and accessories for rifles and shotguns.
  Chris Reeve Knives Exceptional designs and manufacturing quality are featured in our range of fixed blade and folding knives.
  Christensen Arms Custom and semi-custom graphite barreled rifles.
  Cimarron Firearms Company Cimarron Firearms Co. is the leader in the field of replica firearms.
  CJ Weapons Accessories Manufacture of the new bow tie cleaning kits for all mauser type actions with two opposing locking lugs.
  Classic Old West Styles USA manufacturer of quality leather holsters for sport/hunting, concealment and carry holsters, concealment clothing, and authentic western holsters, cartridge belts and leather accessories.
  Claybuster Wads A full line of shotshell wads designed for economical shotshell reloading.
  Clever SRL Sporting and hunting ammunitions.
  Clymer Precision Precision chamber reamers, headspace gauges and associated tooling for the firearm industry.
  CMMG, Inc. CMMG, Inc produces high quality AR15/M16 type weapons.

C-More Systems

Heads-up display, tubeless, ultra-light Red Dot sights provide the fastest target acquisition possible for competition, law enforcement, hunting and recreational use.
  Cold Steel, Inc. A host of high performance tactical, hunting, folding, fixed blade, pocket, survival, outdoor, camping, cutlery and throwing knives, daggers, kukris, tomahawks, machetes, katanas, samurai swords, throwers, survival tools, and much more.
  Collector's Armoury, Ltd. Collector's Armoury, Ltd. is the nation's largest distributor of replica guns.
  Colonial Arms, Inc. Manufacturers of screw-in shotgun choke tubes, installation tooling, and accessories.

Colt's Manufacturing Company, LLC

Colts Manufacturing continues to offer pistols, revolvers, rifles and spare parts.
  Columbia River Knife and Tool CRKT offers professional knives, sport and work knives, and unique multi-tools.
  Combined Tactical Systems CTS is a premier manufacturer of less-lethal munitions, anti-riot products and pyrotechnics for law enforcement, corrections and government agencies.
  Compass Industries, Inc. Featuring Dakota brand knives, sunglasses and outdoor products.
  Competition Electronics A manufacturer of low cost chronographs that can accurately measure the velocity of rifles, pistols, arrows, and shotguns.
  Condor Tool & Knife, Inc. Condor Tool & Knife offers a unique selection of hand crafted knives, hatchets, axes, machetes, sportsman's shovels, specialty hand tools, throwing knives and Gun Snuggler gun cases that protect your guns and keep you warm.
  Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. Co. Manufacturer of high grade shotguns and accessories.
  Consorzio Armaioli Bresciani Sporting arms; muzzleloading arms; gun parts and machining; videotapes; books and information.
  Cooper Firearms of MT, Inc. Cooper Arms manufactures the world's most accurate and finest custom quality production rifles.
  Cor-Bon/Glaser Manufacturers of high quality, high performance ammunition for law enforcement, personal defense, hunting and competition.
  Corsivia Corsivia is dedicated to the manufacture of clay targets.
  Counter Assault Pepper Sprays Manufacturer of full line of law enforcement and personal defense sprays.
  Crest Ultrasonics Corporation Ultrasonic firearm clean/lube systems.
  Crimson Trace Holdings, LLC Lasergrips and laserguards.

Crosman Corporation, Inc.

Crosman Corporation is an international designer, manufacturer and marketer of Crosman and Benjamin airguns, Crosman Archery, CenterPoint Precision Optics and Game Face Paintball.
  Crye Precision, LLC Crye Precision designs and manufactures innovative protective equipment from hi-end apparel to leading edge body armor.
  Cylinder & Slide, Inc. Custom handgun parts and accessories.
  CZ-USA Czeska Zbrojovka rifles and handguns, Dan Wesson firearms, Safari classics, and Brno rifles.

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