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  R & R Racing, Inc. Custom targets for competition and training.
  Radians Impact resistant shooting glasses, reusable and disposable earplugs, electronic and passive hearing protection, performance gloves and boots.
  Rainier Ballistics Quality copper-electroplated bullets.
  Ramba Machines to load, print and pack shotgun cartridges.


RamRodz are a line of caliber-specific, precision gun cleaning products for common rifles, shotguns and handguns.
  Randolph Engineering, Inc. US manufacturer of RE RANGER, high-performance eyewear for shooting sports and other outdoor activities.
  Range Systems Range Systems provides live-fire training facilities.
  RAT Cutlery Company Randall's Adventure & Training (RAT) has designed no-nonsense, affordable field knives specifically targeted to military, law enforcement, and the special operations community.


RCBS is a leading producer of high-quality reloading equipment for the serious shooter.
  Redding Reloading Equipment Featuring premium rifle and pistol dies, competition dies, powder measures, scales, presses, and reloading accessories.

Remington Arms Co., Inc.

Remington Arms Company, Inc. designs, produces and sells sporting goods products for the hunting and shooting sports markets, as well as military, government and law enforcement markets.
  Revision Eyewear, Ltd. Revision designs, develops and delivers purpose-built eyewear for military and tactical clients worldwide.
  Ring's Manufacturing Solid urethane replicas of law enforcement and tactical equipment, used in exercises for disarming, weapon retention, and close combat training.
  RIO Ammunition A wide range of shotshells.
  Robert Louis Company, Inc. US distributor of arrow lasershot and laserfire, shotgun fitting and training products.
  Rock Creek Barrels, Inc. Manufactures single point cut rifled barrels.
  Rock River Arms, Inc. Rock River Arms, Inc., offers a complete line of standard and match grade, fully customized AR style rifles, parts and accessories.
  Rohrbaugh Firearms Corp. An ultimate-quality 9mm automatic pistol that is easy to carry and to conceal.
  Rossi Rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders and revolvers.

Ruger Firearms

The nation's leading manufacturer of high-quality firearms for recreation and law enforcement.

Rugged Gear

Rugged Gear was established in 1994 as a manufacturer of quality hunting and shooting products. Check out our vast array of products that hold or stow your hunting/shooting equipment while on the go!
  S&K Industries, Inc. The worlds leading wood gunstock manufacturer.
  Sabre Defence Industries, LLC Specialists in barrel manufacture from .204" to .50" for U.S. and U.K. governments as well as many OEM customers.
  Safari Club International To protect and preserve our hunting heritage through wildlife conservation, education, legislative and humanitarian efforts.


For more than 45 years Safariland has produced some of the finest and most innovative products for the law enforcement, competitive shooting and military industries.
  Safe Guy Rifle Rods and Handgun Hangers are a storage system that will expand the capacity of a gun safe and increase accessibility.
  Safety Bullet, Inc. The Safety Bullet is the first firearm safety device that gives instant access to live rounds without a key or combination lock.
  Safety Harbor Firearms, Inc. We manufacture the UltraMag 50, a .50 BMG magazine fed, bolt action upper conversion for the AR-15/M-16 weapons family.
  Sage Control Ordnance, Inc. Manufacturers of the EBR Aluminum Chassis Stock for the M14, M1 Garand and Ruger Mini-14 rifles.
  Samco Global Arms, Inc. Sporter model Mausers, ball ammunition, hunting ammunition and accessories.
  Samson Mfg. Corporation We manufacture rail systems and other tactical accessories for the modernization of weapon systems.
  Sargent & Greenleaf, Inc. S&G is a leading manufacturer and provider of high quality mechanical and electronic locks for the gun safe industry.
  Savage Arms, Inc. An entire selection of centerfire and rimfire rifles with AccuTrigger, shotguns, smokeless powder muzzleloaders and tactical rifles.
  Savage Range Systems, Inc. Savage Range Systems manufactures shooting range equipment and passive bullet traps.
  SBR Ammunition Ammunition manufacturer and exporter.
  Scharch Mfg., Inc. / Top Brass Manufacturer of new brass shell casings, "Top Brass" and reconditioned 100% processed and primed 223,308, and 50BMG as is brass for hobbyist to commercial accts.

Schmidt & Bender Inc., USA

Schmidt&Bender is one of the worldwide leaders in the development and production of high precision rifle scopes for hunting, military and law enforcement and sport shooting professionals.
  Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation The SSSF is an educational-athletic organization that exists to introduce school-age youths to the clay target sports.


Scopecoat is constructed of the highest quality neoprene laminated with nylon to safeguard against any kind of scope from dings, scratches, dust, dirt and moisture.
  Seber Design Group, Inc. (SDG) Seber Design Group, Inc. has developed a whole new category of locking folding knives, utilizing their new Claw-Loc Ratcheting Locking System.

Second Amendment Foundation

One of the nation's oldest and largest pro-gun rights educational and legal action foundations.
  Secure Firearm Products Distributors of high security cases with an internal locking system incorporating a Medeco lock.
  Security Equipment Corporation New, crossfire technology allows SABRE pepper sprays to deploy continuously from any position to increase target acquisition.
  Self Defense Supply, Inc. We import and distribute stun guns, pepper spray, security, wireless cameras, name brand and import knives, crossbows, airguns, airsoft, flashlights, optics, and camping equipment.
  Sellier & Bellot, USA, Inc. Complete line of pistol, rifle, shotgun, and rimfire ammunition.
  Sentry Group Designed exclusively to keep guns and other firearms out of the hands of children and thieves.
  Sentry Solutions Ltd. The premier manufacturer of oil-free lubricants for guns and gear.
  Serbu Firearms, Inc. Serbu Firearms, Inc. is a small, very capable firearm design and manufacturing company.
  Sharp Shoot R Precision, Inc. We are a proprietary manufacturer and developer of cutting edge products for firearms maintenance and care.
  Shepherd Enterprises, Inc. High quality scopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, sunshades, and magna-pods.

Shield Sights

Shield manufactures high performance military proven red dot sights.
  Shiloh Rifle Manufacturing Manufacture 1863 and 1874 model Sharps rifles and accessories.
  Shirstone Optics Shirstone offers a complete line of high quality hunting, tactical and sport optics.
  Shooter's Choice Gun Care Manufacturer of solvents and lubricants for care and maintenance of firearms.
  Shooters Ridge Shooters Ridge offers a full line of shooting benches, rests, bi-pods, shooting bags and blinds.
  Shooting Chrony, Inc. Chronographs measuring from 30 ft./sec. to 7000 ft./sec., better than 99.5% accuracy.
  Shooting Ranges International Featuring: Quickrange, portable, modular, and expandable shooting range from two lanes to any width/length.

Shooting USA

Hosted by America's most watched firearms reporter, Jim Scoutten has been on the beat for 15 years reporting the stories of the Shooting Sports and the Firearms Industry. No other media reaches more firearms fans and consumers.

Sierra Bullets

Jacketed rifle and handgun bullets for competition, hunting, law enforcement, and self defense.
  Sig Sauer The legendary SIG SAUER brand pistols and SIG556 rifles.
  Sightron, Inc. Premium sport optics, rifle scopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, tactical scopes, mil-dot scopes, and reflex red dot sights.
  Silencio / Jackson Safety Silencio offers a wide line of hearing protection and eyewear.
  Silma SRL Over-and-under hunting and shooting shotguns.
  Silver Stag Silver Stag features stain resistant, damascus and high carbon steel blades, incorporated with shed deer and elk antler.
  Silver State Armory, LLC Silver State Armory manufactures high quality ammunition and brass cases.
  Simuntion Operations Simunition is a non-toxic, reduced-range, environmentally friendly training ammunition.
  Sinclair International Reloading equipment, cleaning products, rifle rests/bags/bipods, shooting accessories, optics, books/videos/software, and highpower equipment.
  Single Action Shooting Society The international membership organization responsible for creating and administering the fast growing sport of cowboy action shooting.
  SKB Corporation SKB manufactures watertight weapons and optics cases.
  SKB Shotguns Shotgun manufacturer.

Smith & Wesson

Manufactures firearms and handcuffs, licenses shooter eye and ear protection, knives, apparel and other accessories.
  Smith Optics The Smith Optics Elite Division designed and engineered its revolutionary combat eye protection system.
  Smith's Smith's, the edge experts, is the world's leader in the design and manufacture of a full line of knife, scissors, and tool sharpeners and edge care products.
  Smith Security Safes, Inc. Smith Security Safes, Inc. manufactures safes and vault doors.
  Sniper's is a website for the tactical marksman, we feature reviews, as well as advertisement options.
  Soft Air USA Inc. Airguns and airsoft products.
  Sog Armory, Inc. Manufacturer and distributor of Quality AR-15 rifles and parts.

SOG Specialty Knives

Manufactures folding knives, fixed blades and multi-tool products for the military, law enforcement, industrial and outdoor marketplaces.
  Southern Bloomer Mfg. Co. & Muzzleloader Originals Cotton knit gun cleaning patches and muzzleloading gun care products.
  Spartan Imports Spartan Imports distributes premium quality airsoft guns and accessories to select authorized dealers.
  SPEC.-OPS. Brand SPEC.-OPS. Brand is a manufacturer of 100% U.S. made tactical nylon equipment.
  Special Operations Technologies (SOTech) The industry's strongest nylon tactical and hunting gear.
  Specter Gear, Inc. Specter Gear manufactures sewn tactical gear, including 3-point tactical slings, PALS/MOLLE compatible chest and thigh rigs, pouches, holsters, belts and other essential equipment.
  Speed Shooter Specialties For IPSC, USPSA, IDPA, Steel Challenge, Action Pistol & more, we have the right equipment to put you ahead of the competition.
  Speer Ammunition Speer manufactures a variety of bullets and cartridges for law enforcement, reloading and sporting applications.
  Spitfire, Ltd. The fastest and most accurate pepper spray dispenser.
  SportEAR SportEAR, the best hearing protection, the best fit, the best quality, and the best price, guaranteed!
  Sporting Supplies International, Inc. High quality rifle, pistol, rimfire, shotshell ammunition, primers and components.
  Sports South, LLC Sports South, LLC is the country's oldest and largest single-source distributor of firearms and ammunition.

Springfield Armory

Manufacturer of the XD and 1911-A1 pistols, M1A rifles and accessories.
  SRT Supply A premier supplier of tactical and ballistic equipment worldwide.
  Stabil STABILicers help provide traction to keep you mobile in icy and snowy conditions.
  Stack-On Products Company Stack-On offers the broadest line of products for safely storing firearms.
  Stag Arms Stag Arms is proud to have produced the world's first true left-handed AR type rifle.
  Stark Equipment Corp. Replacement pistol grip for the M4/M16/AR-15 weapon series.
  Starlight Cases Watertight and airtight gun cases.

Steel Challenge Shooting Association

The Steel Challenge Shooting Association is the membership organization chartered to grow and extend speed-steel shooting competition at the club level.
  Sterling Sharpener The Sterling Sharpener is a compact, rugged, easy to use knife sharpener.
  Steyr Arms, Inc. Hunting and tactical rifles.

STI International

STI builds a high-performance 1911 component line including the modular frame system.
  Stoeger Airguns State-of-the art, European-style air rifles.
  Stoeger Industries Stoeger semi-automatic, pump, over/under and side-by-side shotguns.
  Stoney Point Products, Inc. The company offers adjustable shooting rests, shooting bags, safety glasses and hearing protection.
  Streamlight Inc. Flashlights and tactical lights.
  Students for the Second Amendment We are dedicated to educating students about their rights guaranteed in the US Constitution, especially the one that is the guarantor of all others, the Second Amendment.
  Sturm Importer of guns, gun parts and outdoor accessories and apparel.
  Sunny Hill Enterprises, Inc. The nation's premier supplier of trigger guard assemblies and other accessories for the custom rifle market.
  Superior Arms Superior Arms manufactures AR-15 style tactical rifles, sporting rifles and AR-15 components.
  Superior Ideas, Inc Superior Ideas was founded in 2005 with a commitment to excellence. In 2014 we began focusing solely on the development of innovative AR500 steel targets and target stands. Located in Central Florida, we are proud to manufacture all of our targets and target stands in the USA.
  Sure Site, Inc. Sure Site manufactures a line of target holders.

SureFire, LLC

Flashlights and tactical products.
  Surgeon Rifles We custom make our rifles.

Swarovski Optik

Manufactures and distributes premium quality binoculars, spotting scopes, riflescopes and other items.
  Swift Bullet Company Manufacturing premium-grade hunting bullets.
  SWR Manufacturing, LLC SWR MFG manufactures the highest quality firearm suppressors for civilian, LE and military use.
  Szco Supplies, Inc. Pocket knives, swords, throwing knives, surgical, display knives, and gift boxes.
  Tac Force Manufacture of high-quality tactical web gear.
  TACM III, Inc. Flashlight mounts for attaching all types of 1 inch diameter flashlights for most types of firearms, including pistols, rifles, AR15s/M16s/M4s, AK47s, shotguns, long guns, air guns, paintball guns and bows.
  Tactical & Survival Specialties, Inc. (TSSI) TSSI offers a full line of logistical services and products, customer designed equipment kits, and specialized training programs.
  Tactical Assault Gear (TAG) Tactical gear.
  Tactical Innovations, Inc. CNC precision machined forged and billet AR15 receivers, Ruger MK2 receivers, AR15 lower receivers, 10/22 receivers, 10/22 high capacity magazines, 22LR and .223 suppressors, threaded 10/22 barrels, P22 adapters and more.
  Tactical Operations Products Manufacturer of tactical nylon gear, flashlights, and watches.
  Tactical Products Group, Inc. Tactical Products Group is a manufacturer and distributor of various tactical products.
  Tactical Rifles Custom tactical rifles for the precision rifleman.
  Tactical Solutions We specialize in the rimfire market and produce aftermarket accessories such as ultra light weight and accurate rifle and pistol barrels for competition and sport shooting.
  Tagua Gun Leather Firearms, holsters, and hunting accessories.
  Talley Manufacturing, Inc. Manufacturers of premium scope mounting systems.
  TangoDown, Inc. Military grade accessories for tactical weapons.
  TAPCO, Inc. Manufacturer of U.S. made parts for law enforcement and military rifles including M16, AR15, M4, AK47, Cetme, HK, FAL, Ruger Mini14/Mini30/10/22, SKS. Saiga, Remington and Mossberg shotguns.
  Target Shooting, Inc. Model 1000 Rifle rest: fine tune windage and elevation adjustment.
  Tasco Tasco has been America's popular choice in sports optics for over 50 years.
  TASER International The company provides advanced less-lethal weapons for use in the law enforcement, private security, and personal defense markets.
  Task Holsters Holsters and accessories.
  Taurus International Manufacturing, Inc. World class revolvers and pistols as well as classic long guns.
  Taylor Brands, LLC Taylor Brands, LLC is the official manufacturer and wholesale distributor of Smith & Wesson and Schrade Knives.
  Taylor's & Company, Inc. Importers and distributors of 1840's through 1890's era firearms, accessories and parts from most of the major manufacturers of firearms and accessories in Italy.
  Team SD Airsoft Complete AirSoft BB gun: pistols, revolvers, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles and accessories, category under TSD, TSD Sports, TSD Tactical brands.
  Technoframes A world leading producer of ammunition accessories.
  Ten-X Ammunition, Inc. Ten-X Ammunition produces more than 100 cartridges for law enforcement, cowboy action, hunting, and original firearms, and continues to develop new specialty cartridges in diverse calibers using caliber specific brass.
  Tetra Gun Care Tetra Gun care offers the latest technology and the highest quality in firearms maintenance.
  Texas Hunt Co. Texas Hunt Company provides innovative, common-sense hunting equipment.
  TG International, Inc. Importer of sporting, curio relic, and collectable firearms, ammunition, firearms parts and accessories.
  Thompson/Center Arms Thompson/Center Arms is a premier designer and manufacturer of premium hunting rifles, black powder rifles, interchangeable firearms systems and accessories.

Throom Targets

Manufacturer of self-healing reactive polymer targets that are safer than steel.
  Thunderbolt Customs, Inc. The world's smallest, most versatile gun rests.
  Tiberius Arms Tiberius Arms specializes in advanced pneumatic weapons for less-lethal and training applications.
  Timney Manufacturing, Inc. Makers of precision CNC machined replacement triggers for bolt action and AR-15 rifles.
  TMB Designs Suppliers of handmade, wall-mounted cartridge displays, including shotshell, metallic, pistol and military calibers.
  Tops Knives Primary products are handcrafted tactical knives and tools which are currently in use by special law enforcement and military special OPS personnel.
  Traditions Performance Firearms Break-open, in-line, sidelock and flintlock muzzleloading rifles, pistols, shotguns, cartridge rifles plus a huge assortment of black powder accessories.

Trijicon, Inc.

Our line of products include the variable powered riflescopes, night sights, mini dot sights, rifle combat optics, night vision and thermal imaging.
  Trinidad State Junior College A gunsmithing school displaying class projects built by the students.
  Triple K Manufacturing Company, Inc. Quality handcrafted shooting sports leather and nylon products, replacement firearm magazines for pistols, rifles and shotguns.
  Tristar Sporting Arms, Ltd. Over-and-under and side-by-side sporting shotguns. Western replica rifles, revolvers, shooting accessories, carbines, and semi automatics.
  Troy Industries, Inc The Troy folding battle sights and modular rail forends and the M14 modular drop in stock or CBR 2.
  Tru Hone Corporation Our knife sharpener gives you a perfectly sharpened knife in a fraction of the time required by old-fashioned methods.
  TruckVault, Inc. TruckVault is the world's leader in manufacturing secure in-vehicle storage systems for all makes and models of SUV's, pick-ups, vans, sedans, and RVs.
  True North Tactical Design and manufacture tactical nylon equipment for military, rescue and law enforcement communities around the world.
  Truglo, Inc. The world's most innovative/advanced line of fiber-optic aiming devices for the shooting sports industry.
  Trulock Tool Trulock Tool manufactures high quality chokes to fit most brands of shotguns.
  TufForce Tactical gear and accessories.
  T.Z. Case A manufacturer of quality aluminum cases for firearms, archery, ammunition, and accessories.

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